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2023 November Newsletter

Our every breath makes the sound of His name - our inhales & exhales - YHWH. Breath prayers combine two powerful tools that can help calm anxiety: the science of deep

breathing and prayers of meditation on God's Word. Breath Prayers are rooted in scripture and aligned with the rhythm of your breath and repeated several times. It is a focusing on Jesus and filling the mind with His Word.

Yoga is much more than just a physical practice. The lessons we learn on our mat we take out as we walk in our daily lives. I would love to hear how your yoga practice has effected your life both on and off of your mat. Would you be willing to share your experiences with others? I am looking to share not only my story but yours as well. Send testimonies/stories to I can't wait to hear your story.

November Challenge


For the month of November the challenge/encouragement is to not only hold a plank, but to verbally thank God while holding it. Reminder that proper form is more important than the length of the time that you can hold the plank. Share with someone what you are doing and how the Lord moving in your life - maybe encourage a friend/spouse to join you. Pick a time of the day, and plank together - technology is a great tool to invite others in. Maybe even share on social media, be sure to tag #corewholeness. There are many forms of planking - modified, reverse, even wall when necessary. ;)

So here I am boldly asking you to share you experiences, thoughts, and encouragement. This helps encourage others who might be considering attending but are not quite sure what to expect. There are two options ~ both are appreciated. You do not have to be currently attending a class to leave a review. If you have participated in the past, your review is still valuable. Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart for all of your support and encouragement. Feel free to leave reviews on both fb and google. ;)

The first way is through facebook.

The second option is on google.

Class Cancellation

If class is cancelled due to any reason you will be alerted through the Remind App. If you are already getting reminders and/or alerts you will continue to do so. If you haven't received alerts and would like to, please be sure to contact me and we will get you set up. The Remind App is free to download.

Current Classes

Gentle Flow Yoga Monday


First Christian Church Community Center

6852 Market Avenue N, Canton

Gentle Flow Yoga Tuesday


Grace United Methodist Church (rm 103)

1720 Schneider St NW, North Canton

Gentle Flow/Yin Yoga Saturday


Grace United Methodist Church (gym/FLC)

1720 Schneider St NW, North Canton

Morning Mat Devotions Mon-Wed-Fri

7:00am - 7:15am



All classes are $5 unless otherwise noted.

Venmo @Teresa-Pitcher-2

For current schedule and list of items to bring, check out

November Birthdays

Diane Miller

Denise Yoder

Elizabeth Ruth

Bettye McCartney

Kyra Kennedy

Kristin Maximovich

Loretta Frank

Jen Martin

Susan Britko

Tessa Corrick


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